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    Reliable Covid Cleaning Services In Richmond, VA

    After the Covid-19 outbreak, people are more concerned about the cleanliness of their homes. The unprecedented outbreak of this deadly virus has already done enough damage, and people are now paying more attention to all the possible precautions. Christian Cleaning Company offers detailed Covid cleaning services in Richmond, VA, to ensure your property is protected from contaminants and viruses.

    We understand the importance of a house cleaned to the highest standards. We use our skills and knowledge to ensure that you receive quality service from start to finish. When we disinfect your house, we’ll work by complying with legal responsibilities such as air quality control and other safety standards. Thanks to our exclusive experience working with different industries, we can provide your home with a protective shield against any severe illness. Give us a call for a premium quality cleanup!

    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Window Cleaning
    • Housekeeping
    • Office Buildings

    Certified Cleaning Services for Covid 19

    Whether you need someone to disinfect your house after a family member has recovered from Covid or a detailed sanitization, we’ve got you covered. We are a certified company helping homeowners tackle multiple diseases through our cleaning methods. We take pride in being a source of comfort for our customers in these testing times by clearing out the infected areas without any hesitation. Ever since the inception of our company, we have continuously brought new disinfection technologies to keep bacteria and viruses away from your house.

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    What We Offer

    Our staff is committed to helping families mitigate the dangers of coronavirus by working 24/7. Our cleaning services for Covid 19 are not limited to a surface-level cleanup. The services we offer are as follows:

    Disinfection Services

    Let us help you get rid of all the harmful bacteria in your home. We’ll give you peace of mind knowing your health is not at risk in the current environment. Our affordable disinfection service removes all traces of bacteria and dirt from surfaces, making your home safe for your family members and pets. We are using CDC-recommended methods for disinfection, leaving no room for error. First, we’ll clean all the surfaces and then perform a detailed antimicrobial treatment for best results.

    Sanitization Of High Touch Areas

    What most of us failed to understand during this outbreak is that the covid-19 virus doesn’t only transmit from person to person. Because this virus stays in the air, it can easily spread by touching any surface. When we are cleaning for Covid disinfection, we ensure that all the high-touch areas are cleaned first. These areas include:

    • Doorknobs
    • Furniture
    • Faucets
    • Toilets
    • Countertops
    • Remote control
    • Utensils
    • Railings, windows, and light switches

    Our cleaners will use safe, non-toxic, and EPA-approved sanitizing products to leave your house protected against germs.

    Cleaning And Disinfecting Air Ducts

    The cleanup of your air duct system is our priority. We are not like other cleaning companies. We pay attention to detail, which is why we perform detailed sanitization of your air ducts ensuring better air quality. With the current situation where people are forced to stay indoors, air-quality maintenance is important—the fewer the contaminants in the air, the lesser the chances of getting infected.

    Fully-Trained Staff

    When you need immediate Covid cleaning services nearby in Richmond, VA, we are the ones to count on. At Christian Cleaning Company, we have a vigilant team of experts who know what they are doing. Each staff member comes fully prepared in their disposal protective gear. They follow strict guidelines because they know they have the responsibility of keeping you safe. All the cleanup is done with rags and disposable material, after which detailed disinfection will take place. All the cleanup is completed under the supervision of expert hygienists.

    Why Christian Cleaning Company

    Christian Cleaning Company is committed to providing quality, professional house cleaning at a competitive price. Our staff is well-trained and reliable. Our standards of cleanliness are high. For your convenience, we are available seven days a week. We use green cleaning products, such as oxygen bleach and natural detergents, and multi-surface cleaners made from plant-based ingredients.

    • EPA-approved cleaning products
    • Advanced cleaning technologies
    • Licensed and insured
    • Extensively trained cleaners
    • Excellent customer services
    • Available round the week
    • Complete satisfaction guarantee

    Get in touch with our expert cleaners to make your home a haven! Book your appointment today, and we’ll be glad to cater to you.

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