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    Impeccable Home Cleaning Services In Mechanicsville, VA

    Only a few things in life cause more stress than a house full of dirty dishes, hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, and general disorganization. You work hard to keep your home clean, but do you have the time or energy to clean it yourself? Keeping your home clean can be time-consuming and expensive. And with today’s busy schedules, the last thing you want is to sacrifice precious family time to hoovering.

    Why don’t you let the professionals at Christian Cleaning Company help you out with all that mess? With us, your home is always left sparkling clean by fully vetted house cleaners. We offer a proactive approach to house cleaning. Our services include a deep cleanup of your entire home with a personalized checklist. Following the list allows us to tailor the service to your specific requirements. We always aim to exceed expectations in terms of quality, professionalism, and customer service. Get in touch with us today, and see why we are the preferred choice for Mechanicsville’s residents!

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    Welcome To Mechanicsville!

    Mechanicsville, located in the historic district of Henrico County, is a city with a proud past and a bright future. This charming town has played an important role in both the rich history and the prosperous development of Virginia. The residents of Mechanicsville have established a quality lifestyle that they want to share with others. The city and its people pride themselves in excellent schools, affordable housing and homes in all different price ranges, and opportunities for full-time employment. With a population increase of almost 9% in the past ten years, Mechanicsville is attracting new families and professionals by preserving its history while furthering its current endeavors. It is a highly sought-after place to live and work.

    Pretty House in Mechanicsville VA

    We Make House Cleaning Simple And Quick!

    Christian Cleaning Company is committed to meeting the needs of our customers by providing quality, personalized, and affordable services. Our staff is trained in the art of cleanliness, which will leave your house sparkling clean. We take pride in using eco-friendly products when possible and making sure your pet is comfortable while we clean.
    We can help you breathe new life into your home by making cleaning feel like a breeze. We are not just any other house cleaning company. We are here to provide you with a matchless experience of having a spotless living space.

    Our House Cleaning Checklist

    We believe in delivering quality with every visit. That is why we have created a detailed checklist for making every nook and cranny of your home spotless. Our full-service cleaners company enables homeowners in Mechanicsville to spend more time with their families, doing things they love.


    • Clean all countertops and shelves
    • Clean microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher from inside out
    • Dusting the dining table and chairs
    • Scrubbing backsplash from grease stains
    • Cooking range and stove cleaning
    • Wash and sanitize sink and faucet
    • Mop the kitchen floors
    • Change hand towels
    Cleaned House kitchen in Mechanicsville VA
    Cleaned bathroom


    • Mirror cleaning 
    • Clean organize vanity
    • Clean showerhead, faucet, and chrome fixture 
    • Clean and sanitize bathtub, washbasin, and toilet
    • Scrubbing tiles and grout

    All Rooms

    • Dusting furniture and upholstery
    • Cleaning all the shelves, cupboards, and cabinets 
    • Dusting all the windows, doors, window covers, and blinds
    • Baseboard, ceiling fans, and other fixtures
    • Vacuuming rugs and carpets
    • Sweeping and mopping the floors
    • Remove the trash
    Clean House Furniture

    Reliable Cleaning Crew

    Our house cleaners are specially trained, insured, and bonded, so you can feel comfortable with your decision to hire us for your house cleanup. No more hassle of scheduling, just one visit per week. Whether once a week or once every other week, you can build your package with what works for you. Our goal is to meet our customer’s needs by providing quality service for your cleaning needs.

    Affordability At Its Best!

    We provide the most affordable house cleaning services you can find in Mechanicsville, VA. Our schedules are flexible enough to match yours. We are dedicated to developing long-lasting relationships with our valued customers, ensuring we keep our rates minimal. We offer highly competitive rates for all our services, including bi-weekly, one-time, move-in/previous move-out, pre-sale house cleanups, and much more! We also offer free estimates and flexible scheduling. To book an appointment, call us today!

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