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    Post-Construction Cleaning Made Simple In Richmond, VA

    A lot of time, money, and effort goes into building a new construction project. You want that investment to last as long as possible by keeping it clean and looking great. However, having your place back to the way it was before construction is a tough job to do by yourself. You need quality cleaning services for your office or residential property after it has been built.

    Trust Christian Cleaning Company to get the job done right the first time. Our team will take care of all post-construction cleaning you need in Richmond, VA, no matter how messy or cluttered it might seem. We guarantee our work at affordable prices that can't be beaten! Our expert cleaners will arrange an appointment, properly assess what needs to be done, and professionally clean the construction area, meeting all code regulations. Call now to book a quote.

    Why Is Post-Construction Cleanup Important

    Clearing up a construction site is a tricky job that only experts should handle. A detailed cleanup is necessary before moving into a newly constructed house or building. Obviously, you can’t operate in a place full of dirt, dust, debris, and a lot of trash. There are a lot of advantages of a cleanup after construction, especially if you are planning to rent out the building or house after completion.

    • Efficient and detailed cleanup
    • Savings on cleaning materials
    • Ensures safety
    • Proper disposal of garbage and debris
    • All nook and crannies cleaned
    • A cost-efficient solution
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    We Can Help You Out!

    When the dirt, dust, and debris are making collective chaos out of your construction site, we are the solution to all your cleaning needs. You built, we clean! Our cleaners will take care of everything by making the site look better and shipshape. We can help you clean up the post-construction mess and make your construction site sparkling and good-looking again. The best part, we’ll do it at affordable prices along with excellent efficiency and speed.

    Residential Post Construction Cleaning

    You have just finished building your dream house or renovating your home. You know that every detail of your home matters, including the cleanup. After construction or renovation projects, spaces need deep clean treatments for grime, dust, and debris. If you are looking for a reliable post-construction cleaning service nearby, you have come to the right place. Christiana Cleaning Company will ensure that your new construction is clean and clear for moving in. We offer expert post-construction cleanup services to make sure you get exactly what you expect from the finished product.

    Our Process

    The name itself suggests that post-construction cleanup is done after the construction part is completed. We follow a detailed cleanup procedure that includes rough cleaning, light cleaning, and final cleanup when you count on our team.

    In the first phase, our cleaners will remove all the debris and large items. They’ll remove the trash, sweep the floors from dust and dirt, and wash the windows and doors. The second phase includes the most detailed tidying up and requires specialized tools and equipment.

    All the rooms such as bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and living room will be cleaned up. From scrubbing the surfaces and tiles to dusting the cabinets, we cover it all! The final phase is the touchup phase, where our cleaners will deal with the remaining imperfections. They’ll clear all the smudges, fingerprints, and dust that may settle before the finishing phase.

    Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist

    We have created a comprehensive checklist to ensure no corner is left uncleansed. We’ll tidy up the space by dividing it into multiple sections, including the interior and exterior parts. Here is a list:

    • Dusting ceiling, walls, baseboard, windows, and door frames
    • Clean cabinets, shelves, and other surfaces
    • Mopping and vacuuming floors
    • Clean light fixtures, fans, HVAC system
    • Remove paint from hinges and window sills
    • Detailed kitchen cleaning (countertop, backsplash, sink, floor, cabinets)
    • Bathroom cleanup (toilet, bathtub, shower, tiles, mirror, vanity)
    • Storage space, garage, laundry room cleanup
    • Emptying the trash

    Experienced Post-Construction Cleaners

    Our services have always been unrivaled because we have the best team for handling the cleanup after any construction. All our cleaners are licensed and insured to work on any size of the construction cleaning project. We send our team after they undergo rigorous training, screening, and background checking. We take pride in having a team of skilled professionals that is ever-ready to provide you with matchless results.

    Post-Construction Cleaning Cost

    The mess left after the building work is a pain to clear up. You can’t begin to think about what part of the house you should tackle first. Post-construction cleaning doesn’t come cheap, but you can’t afford to clean your property. We aim to provide you with the best post-construction cleanup service in Richmond, VA, at a reasonable price, ensuring our clients are delighted. With us by your side, you’ll get things back into shape as quickly as possible. Give us a call to get a free estimate!

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